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Is it possible to use SPDIF in "slave" clock mode on the SC587 ?

Category: Hardware
Product Number: SC587

The silicon anomaly list for the SC587 describes an anomaly with the SPDIF receiver : 

73. 20000094 - SPDIF Receiver Output Clock Is Unreliable:
When operating properly, the SPDIF receiver output clock (SPDIF_RX_TDMCLK_O) frequency is 256 times the sampling rate. The SPDIF
receiver, however, fails to maintain this relationship; thus, the SPDIF_RX_TDMCLK_O output clock is unreliable.

Do not use the SPDIF_RX_TDMCLK_O output clock.

1.0, 1.2

Does that mean I effectively can't use the SPDIF to receive a signal from an externally clocked device ? Ie recovering a clock from the SPDIF Rx stream ?