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Secure JTAG

Category: Hardware
Product Number: SC589
Software Version: cces 2.8.3


Is it possible to program just a secure key for the JTAG or does enabling secure jtag also mandate that a secure boot stream is required ?

I've tried to experiment with an old board with the code based on the Program_OTP util in the EE-366 notes, but after programming the key & then reading it back to verify, it always comes back as zeros. It seems to program fine and I can see the key being programmed is valid.

/* call the api */
if(!adi_rom_otp_pgm(&data)) { return false; }

/* verify the data was written */
return VALIDATE(secure_emu_key);


#define VALIDATE(otpkey) validate_pgm(otpcmd_##otpkey,*key,ROM_OTP_SZ_##otpkey)

I've read that the OTP regions is memory mapped, I eventually found the address in an apt file as 

{ 0x24000000u, 0x240FFFFFu, ADI_MMU_RW_UNCACHED }, /* 1MB OTP Space */

but I can't view that address in a cces memory window - should I be able to ?

Is there any documentation about how to use cldp to program the OTP ?