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Difference between ADSP-SC587BBCZ-4B and ADSP-SC589BBCZ-5B

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADSP-SC587BBCZ-4B, ADSP-SC589BBCZ-5B

ADSP-SC587BBCZ-4B and ADSP-SC589BBCZ-5B have almost identical specifications.

But it's different for "processor instruction rate". i want to know that

And besides this, please tell me any other differences between the two ICs above.

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  • Dear Divya, 

    I have attached the file.

    It's a malfunction of my audio device.

    It works fine at first. Music that plays normally.

    However, as I attached the file, after 3-4 hours, the beep sounds.

    Please ask which part is the problem.