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Difference between ADSP-SC587BBCZ-4B and ADSP-SC589BBCZ-5B

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADSP-SC587BBCZ-4B, ADSP-SC589BBCZ-5B

ADSP-SC587BBCZ-4B and ADSP-SC589BBCZ-5B have almost identical specifications.

But it's different for "processor instruction rate". i want to know that

And besides this, please tell me any other differences between the two ICs above.

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  • Hi Inhojeon,

    Instruction rate is applicable of both cores.

    The MIPS can be calculated by below equation.
    MIPS = (Processor clock speed * Num Instructions executed per cycle)/(10^6).

    Where, the 'Num Instructions executed per cycle' can be obtained using "Performance Monitor Unit (PMU)" which calculate cycle counts for the application running in Cortex A5 core.

    Also, kindly refer the below ezone thread.


  • Dear Divya, 

    I have attached the file.

    It's a malfunction of my audio device.

    It works fine at first. Music that plays normally.

    However, as I attached the file, after 3-4 hours, the beep sounds.

    Please ask which part is the problem.


  • Hi Inhojeon,

    Are you using ADSP-SC587BBCZ-4B or ADSP-SC589BBCZ-5B?
    To assist you better, can you explain your application in detail may be with block diagram. What peripherals you are using in the code?
    What issue you are facing? please explain elaborately.