Problems when using DAI pins output BCLK and LRCLK to drive other slave devices


In my PCB, I must use 21571 as TDM16 clock master and output BCLK and LRCLK to drive about 10 slave devices.

When I debug my system, it seems that master clocks from DAI pins can't drive so much devices.  So I add a driver chip SN74LVC2G to make the clock driver strength more stronger.

Now all parts of my system work well besides one slave device, I can hear a little noise within the correct audios from that device.

What's strange is that if I touch the BCLK line or LRCLK line connected to the device on PCB just using my finger, the noise disappear.

So the problem maybe still result from the clocks, however I have no idea how to resolve it now.