SC573 BOOT Fault


    My board is ADSP-SC573_EZ-KIT, I use cldp.exe to load my program to spi flash, after reset, the board works well.

    I change the boot mode from spi master to uart slave in CCES project properties,  then I connet PC and UART0 using USB cable, after reset I send 0x40 in 115200 baudrate and receive 4 bytes BF 0D 00 00 , it means the system connect well. But when I send the .ldr file generate by CCES, it always result the fault LED bright, I can't find where is the errer.

    I also use the CrossCore Serial Flash Programmer utilities, and retry the step above ,same fault occur. But when I use the file in the install folder named ADSP-SC573-Button.ldr , download through UART0, it work well. I don't know what's the diffrence between my .ldr file and ADSP-SC573-Button.ldr.

    In CCES, I compile in Release mode, my elfloader options: -proc ADSP-SC573 -si-revision any -b uartslave -f binary -width 8 -init "C:\Analog Devices\CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.8.2\SHARC\ldr\ezkitSC573_initcode_core0" -core0="C:/Analog Devices/ADSP-SC5xx_EZ-KIT_Lite-Rel2.0.2/ADSP-SC5xx_EZ-KIT/Examples/services/gpio/Button_LED_GPIO/SC573/a5/Release/Button_LED_GPIO_SC573_Cortex"

    ADSP-SC573-Button.ldr is the file work well , and Button_LED_GPIO_SC573_Cortex.ldr is the file I generate

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Feb 19, 2021 2:02 PM


    Apologies for the delay. Were you able to get going? Please provide more information on below points to assist to better on this.

    1) Is it possible for you to share your complete project file?
    2) Are you trying to boot the ADSP-SC573 using LDRviewer?
    3) Did you try with any other baud rate except 115200?

    Anand Selvaraj.

  • Hi,

    (1) I just use the GPIO example in ADSP-SC5xx_EZ-KIT_Lite-Rel2.0.2 to test, the path is "C:/Analog Devices/ADSP-SC5xx_EZ-KIT_Lite-Rel2.0.2/ADSP-SC5xx_EZ-KIT/Examples/services/gpio/Button_LED_GPIO/SC573/a5/Release/Button_LED_GPIO_SC573_Cortex"

    (2) I don't know what is the LDRviewer? I want to boot in uart slave mode using the .ldr file generate by CCES

    (3) Yes, I tried a few other baud rates and got the same results.

    By the way, I guess some points maybe useful.

    -When I test the uart autobaud example, the baud rate print out is a little different from my setting, for example, if I use 115200 , I will get 110000. if I use 38400, I will get 36000, etc. The number is not important, I just want to say the baud rate detect by the chip is a little different from what I set.

    -After I send 0x40 complete and receive 4 bytes, I send the .ldr file at a time. I means if the .ldr is 20K bytes , I copy it in an array and send the array to the chip byte by byte without any delay. I don't know if I need to devide the .ldr in many parts, and insert a delay time between every two parts.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Aug 16, 2021 11:16 AM in reply to Foster


    Apologies for the delay.

    Please find the attached UART HOST example for ADSP-SC57x. Can you please test the code along with the loader file and let me know how it works.
    Anand Selvaraj.