With regards to ROM API for SSL on SC589


Could you please let me if I cannot use (0x200be000 to 0x200bffff) of SC589 if I am using the SSL.

When we are calling ROM API for a secondary boot which uses 0x200be000 to 0x200bffff for some purpose, Could you please let me know a workaround or details where I can look for .

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    The SSL is a stand-alone application that is executed at boot time before the actual application is dynamically loaded into memory. The SSL can be used to invoke a ROM API to boot a second application.

    The boot kernel requires 8k of SRAM(0x200be000 to 0x200bffff) for the stack and buffers.  This  space  is  reserved  until after the boot  process has  completed,  and the boot kernel will flag an exception if this rule is violated.

    The boot code claims the last 8KB+4B of L2 SRAM, as working space.  This memory is not bootable, but can be used by the application once  booting is complete (NO_INIT in CCES). Note that if the application makes use of this space and then calls the Boot Code APIs, the space may be corrupted.

    Anand Selvaraj.