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ADSP21569 Spi Slave Boot

Hi support,

we are trying to boot as slave SPI an ADSP21569 without success.
We are following the hw reference page 1765.
According with the datasheet page 17 we configure the boot mode pin for SPI2 Slave (bootMode0 = 0;   bootMode1 = 1;  bootMode2 = 0;) on the host CPU.

We remove the dsp from the reset and according with table 37-18 (page 1766) we send 0x3 to keep single bit mode.

Then we start sending the LDR (we are trying with LDR provided in the example SS_App_21569.ldr) following the diagram at page 1767 in chunk of 1024 bytes.

After few ms the Fault LED turn on both if we don't send anything after reset or if we send data as described above.

The Fault LED don't turn on after reset if we select "NoBoot" mode and we are able to boot the dsp with JTAG and CCES.


  • at page 1765 we see that data should be sent in 1024 bytes chunk but the diagram (1767) say "send next byte"
  • There is some time constraint and the ROM boot fault if it don't see "something right" in a certain time from the "out of reset" ?
  • If we need to a 1024 chunk how to send the first SPICMD (0x3 in our case) ? we need a chunk with the first byte filled and others set to 0 ?

There are some code example that can work to boot the ADSP21569 as SPI Slave ?

Thank you in advance for the support.

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