ADSP-SC584 Flash memory firmware upgrade

Hi everyone,

I would like to ask if someone can provide me with an example code or some indication to do the following.

I am developing a project which I can split in part A, B and C.

Part A: booting a code on flash memory through JTAG

I am using, for now, an EZkit- SC584. I took a basic example from CrossCore (Led toggle) and I booted in Flash with the CLDP function and it worked.


Part B: I want to write a code for updating Firmware. Here I need some help.

I haven´t written a Bootloader before, so this is the point in which I would like to ask if there is some examples or something about it, to use it as guidance.

my questions here are,

  • Is there any examples or ADIs or something to receive code from one port, for example UART and write it on the Flash memory as new firmware?
  • My approach is to write a piece of code that after the initializations checks for one second if there is some Updating request. If there is, read from some peripheral and re-write the flash with the received data, otherwise just run the application. Is this approach correct? examples of this would be great
  • Is there any tool or ADIs or something, to take the .ldr file and split it and pack them to be sent from the computer to the DSP?


Part C: this would be taking an ADSP-SC584 and make my custom board and just repeat this other two steps. Boot the first time with JTAG in production and create a GUI for costumers for updating.


Any kind of Info would be welcomed!

Thank you very much