ADSP-21571: Linkport DMA bandwidth control or similar

Hi all,

I'm receiving 32-bit data over the Linkport. The Linkport FIFO is emptied by the Linkport DMA (DMA36 for ADSP-21571).

Now, I need to briefly stop the DMA/Linkport. Is there an easy to do this? Using the DMA (or Linkport) enable bits (in corresponding config registers) seems a bit rough as it resets the internal states.

Something like writing 0xFFFF to BWLCNT would be perfect. But I figure BWLCNT is not available for my specific DMA channel.

Anyone has a good idea of how to do this?

It might be worth mentioning that I don't not want to miss any incoming data. I want the Linkport FIFO to fill up so that the ACK signal asserts and holds off further transmission.

Thank you!


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