How To Declare Variables That Are Stored In L3 Memory on sc589


I have created some classes that include large instances of std::vector<float>, and I want to store these classes in the L3 DDR memory.

However, though the CrossCore documentation for the SECTION command hints that there is an example of how to store variables in external ram, I cannot find the example in the V2.0.2 board support package for the SC589 EZLITE kit.

Are there any further examples or documentation (at a how-to level) for how to portion a section of L3 memory, and declare variables in the L3 memory?

So far I have modified the LDF settings in the system.svc to use external memory, and I have attempted to


#define SEG_EXT_DM section("seg_sdram") // section name taken from app.ldf


and I have then 


class Foo{


#pragma section("SEG_EXT_DM")

Foo() {



However, I have yet to get the object to exist in the external memory space.

Many Thanks