Performance comparison of FIR/IIR accelerators between ADSP-SC584 and ADSP-21489


I want someone to help me to confirm the performance comparison of FIR/IIR accelerators between ADSP-SC584(450MHz) and ADSP-21489(350MHz).

The accelerator I tested is FIR accelerator.And the parameters are: TAPS =512,WINDOWSIZE = 16,Channels  = 5.

The time consumed on ADSP-SC584 is 604us,while 180us on ADSP-21489.This is incredible!

I learned that the frequency of the fir accelerator is 112.5MHz on ADSP-SC584,while 175MHz on ADSP-21489.The frequency of the 21489 is 1.55 times that of the SC584.

But the SC584 consumes 3.4 times the time of the 21489.

I hope you can tell me the ccorrect time between the two processor.

And the consumed time I measureed is correct or not?

Thank you!