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Instruction Cache Maintenance Fault

I'm using an ADSP-SC589 and sometimes on power-ups, the processor doesn't seem to enter normal program execution. I managed to catch it in debug mode and observed the following registers:

SP = 200BF3B8

CP15 c5 DFSR = 00000084 (Ext = 0, WnR = 0, Domain = 8, Status = 04)

CP15 c5 IFSR = 00001000 (Ext 1, Status = 0)

So the stack pointer is pointing to memory in L2 and status 04 = Instruction Cache Maintenance Fault. I have a text file of all the other registers too and can upload if it helps.

This issue is intermittent and I'm not sure if it's a hardware or software problem. Any help in trying to understand where to start debugging this would be appreciated.