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Trying to find some working example code for TWI Slave mode (BF609)

In a previous post ( a partial example of some TWI Slave code was posted in response to misterdsp posting a query.  I have the same issue of finding a working example of TWI Slave mode.

The example which was posted didn't provide all of the code.  It was missing TWI_fillTransmitBuffer() & TWI_receive() from the code.  I've tried creating the equivalent routines myself, but I can't seem to make the TWI work correctly when using a RaspberryPi 3B and the i2c utils as the master.  I can get some very simple interactions to work (single byte write, word read), but anything more complex (reading 5 bytes) fails.  I'm suspecting there is some special handling that is going on in the receive and transmit code that I'm missing.

If anyone has a complete example of a TWI Slave that can handle read/write with multiple bytes (basically act like an i2c EEPROM) I would love to see that example!