Failure testing EMAC0 examples on SC573_EZKIT

After having succefully  tested some EMAC0 examples on the sc589_ezkit board (inetd,dnsClient,Multicast Sender) under uos3 or freertos, I tried the same examples on the SC573_EZKIT.

All examples fail in different ways depending on the tasks structure.

Mainly fails the adi_twi_Write() in softswitch_cfg.c , line 143.  :   result = adi_twi_Write(hDevice, twiBuffer, (uint32_t)2, false);

This function never returns blocking the task or even the main init procedure depending where the ConfigSoftSwitches() function  is placed.

The same code on the SC589_EZKIT works perfectly.

Checking the code and the hardware i found some incoerences in the documentation and peraphs inside the code itself.

All EZ_SC573 documentation and code report the EMAC0 PHY chip as DP83865 instead the mounted chip is a DP83867.

The EZ_SC589 requires the softswitch configuration to reset and manage the reset of two EMACS instead for resetting only the PA_05 GPO should be required.

The adi_twi_Write() fails just trying to configure this softswitch.

Does my SC_573EZKIT card  have hardware problems or the EMAC port isn't correctly configured for the sc573 case?