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What is the key difference between the ADSP-SC57x and ADSP-SC58x processors?

The ADSP-SC57x processors have three core similar to ADSP-SC58x processors with large internal memory. The cores can run at the same maximum frequency as ADSP-SC58x cores. The L1 memory of the SHARC cores are reduced to 3 Mbits compared to the 5 Mbits of ADSP-SC58x processors.  The system L2 memory on these processor is
increased to 1 Mbytes(8 Mbits).


These family of processors also has reduced peripheral sets. The ADSP-SC57x processors have a single DMC controller, one 10/100/1000 EMAC, USB, MSI and only one DAI etc. For more specific information on the available peripherals please refer to the product datasheet.