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How and where to acquire Development kit for SC594 (EV-SC594-EZKIT) and 21593 (EV-21593-EZKIT)

Category: Hardware
Product Number: EV-SC594-EZKIT / EV-21593-EZKIT

Hi there,

I am a new developer who just start my journey into the world of DSP.

To develop my project, I would like to use the latest 21593 or SC594 platform.

However, after weeks of research, it seems that they are sort of "unobtainium" at the moment, at least from major distributor and websites. (I could be wrong.)

Although there are some other older Sharc evaluation platform available out there, I do not feel exactly comfortable with it.

So my question is, besides major distributor websites, is there another way to acquire those new evaluation kit?

Any info will be welcome. Cheers.