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 Would you pls help to check below question., thanks 

1)Does it need special configuration for  SPORT1 ?  or there is referance code ? it' can't work when refer SPORT0、2、3 configuration that SPORT0、2、3 can work .

2) Can DAI0 data be routed to DAI1 output?

3) How many  input and output channels  that ADSP-21562  can support? we need 36 channel 

  • Hi,

     1)Does it need special configuration for SPORT1 ? or there is referance code ? it' can't work when refer SPORT0、2、3 configuration that SPORT0、2、3 can work .
    >>You have to configure the SPORT1 Instance and control registers in adi_sport_config_2156x.h file.

    SSLDD 3.0 Device Drivers support the static configuration of the peripherals i.e. users can provide the required configuration parameters beforehand so that device driver can configure the peripheral in the initialization API.

    By default in adi_sport_config_2156x.h file, SPORT1 is configured for TDM mode and other SPORTs configured for I2S mode.

    So that, you are able to work with SPORT0,2,3 and not with SPORT1. Can you please modify the value of SPORT1A and SPORT1B Instance as modified for SPORT4.

    adi_sport_config_2156x.h is available in project > system > drivers> sport

    2) Can DAI0 data be routed to DAI1 output?
    The DAI allows a few signals to be interconnected across DAI units. These connections are commonly referred as cross mode connections.
    Please refer the below link to know about DAI signals which support cross mode connections.

    3) How many input and output channels that ADSP-21562 can support? we need 36 channel
    >> ADSP-21562 have 8 full SPORTs. Up to two bidirectional data lines - each half SPORT supports up to two transmit or receive channels, thus allowing two unidirectional streams into or out of each half SPORT

    Anand Selvaraj.