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Boot failed after programming flash with large size binary although the size is within serial flash memory

Category: Software
Product Number: ADSP-SC594
Software Version: CCES 2.10.1


I have two problems about programming flash memory.

The two symptoms are related with the size of binary file to be programmed.

For example,

case 1) 336 KB binary: no problem! ok

case 2) 8.2 MB binary: small symptom

In console screen of flash programming batch program, writing process finished well, but verifying process halts.

At that time, I terminate the process and repower board, then it boots ok.

case 3) 21.7 MB binary: critical problem

The verifying process halts as above.

and after repowering, boot fails as SYS_FAULT led on.

The specification of our system is as follows:


CCES: v2.10.1

emulator: ICE-1000 

Flash memory: IS25LP512M (capacity 512Mb = 64MB)

Driver file: is25lp512m_dpia_SC594_Core1.dxe

The content of batch file:

"C:\Analog Devices\CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.10.1\cldp.exe" -proc ADSP-SC594 -core 1 -emu ICE-1000 -driver "is25lp512m_dpia_SC594_Core1.dxe" -cmd prog -erase affected -format bin -file "VC_CM_Core0.ldr" -cmd compare -format bin -file "VC_CM_Core0.ldr"


==The end==


Is there anyone who experiences this problem or can help me?

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards,

Johnny Jeong

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  • Hi Divya.P

    Today our staff found there is an option to expand address mode of is25lp512m flash to use complete memory range.

    C:\Analog Devices\EV-SC59x_EZ-KIT-Rel2.0.0\EV-SC59x_EZ-KIT\Examples\Device_Programmer\Legacy_SPI_ISSI_Flash\main.h


    At first, we expected this would solve the problem, but disappointedly the problem is still with newly compiled is25lp512m_dpia_SC594_Core1.dxe binary.

    probable causes:

    > There is some error on ENABLE_EXTENDED_ADDRESSING_MODE related code. -> error in flash write?

    > There is something error or range limit in booting process which reads from flash to RAM -> error in flash read?

    > or our fault on what?


    Johnny Jeong

  • Hi Johnny Jeong,

    We are actively working with our experts in this case, will get back to you as soon as possible.


  • Hi Johnny Jeong,

    Apologies for the delay in response.

    It is recommended to change byte addressing from 3 byte to 4 byte in flash to be used to access the memory array beyond 128Mb.

    Please follow the instructions below to change the addressing mode:

    1. Include and call the attached function in Init code and build it. Use this modified initcode while creating loader file.

    2. Enable the below macro in device programmer code.

    #define ENABLE_EXTENDED_ADDRESSING_MODE 1 /* Enable extended mode of access to the complete Flash address space */

    Use modified 25lp512m_dpia_SC594_Core1.dxe in CLDP .

    By following the above steps, we can boot 16.5MB LDR in binary format, in our SC594 Ez-kit.

    Please try this and let us know the results.


  • Hi Divya.P

    I have just checked what you informed.

    It works! 

    This issue may have bothered you as well as me.

    You did good job!

    Thank you a lot.

    Best regards,

    Johnny Jeong