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DAI Routing Unit (DRU)

What is the significance of DRU module introduced with ADSP-SC59x?

  • For ADSP-SC59x processors, DAI Routing Unit (DRU)  provides all the possible connections across DAIs by interconnecting DAI0 and DAI1 units through a mux as described below,

    • For every input signal of SRU, there will be a control bit which selects either original signal from the native DAI or its similar signal from the other DAI.
    • By default, all the native signals are connected to their respective SRU’s i.e SP0_ACLK_O from DAI0 is connected to SP0_ACLK_O input of DAI0’s SRU.

    As a part of fully cross-connected DAI Routing unite, following source signals are added to the existing SRU’s source group,

    • All the source signals of Group-A/B/C/D/E/F from the other DAI are added as source signals to the native Group-A/B/C/D/E/F’s respectively.

    This feature provides the flexibility to route all possible source/destination signals across DAI0 and DAI1.