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the ADSP-21569 init code and preload code

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Software Version: CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.9.1

FAQ: Is it possible to use the ADSP-21569 init code for ADSP-21565? - Documents - SHARC Processors - EngineerZone (

When I referred to the issue on the website above and modified the components of the project from ADSP21569 to ADSP-21565, they could not be compiled.

when the device is ADSP-21569,I modified the config.h file, the project can compiled.

So can we use Init.dxe that can be generated without modifying the device model in the ADSP21565 project.

thank you

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  • After compiling the ADSP21565 project, CCES prints the following warning。

    [Information ld0295]: Target processor 'ADSP-21569' of input file '..\..\21565_init\Debug\2156x_Init.dxe' does not match loader target 'ADSP-21565'.

  • Hi Alvin,

    The error you are facing is because you have enabled the MISRA-C conformance checking, you can uncheck the settings in CCES tool:

    Project> Properties> C/C++ Build> Settings> CrossCore SHARC C/C++ Compiler> MISRA-C

    Reference image:


    Please find the attached ADSP-21569 built init file, add the DXE to your project in the path below and compile your project.

    Project> Properties> C/C++ Build> Settings>
          a) Tab: Build Artifact > Artifact Type:> Loader File
          b) Tab: Tool Settings> CrossCore Sharc Loader> Initialization> "init file path"

    Reference image:


    Apply and compile the project with the updated init file.

  • but when I disenable the MISRA-C conformance checking,the init code project for ADSP-21565 still failed to compile.

  • Hi Alvin,

    Can you please provide the source code and the init files you modified to identify the exact issue.

    Have you modified any other components apart from CONFIG_DMC0, in the project while modifying the processor from ADSP-21569 to ADSP-21565.

    In meanwhile, can you change the silicon revision as per below image to any in "Processor settings" tab and try compiling the project and let us know if it still fails to compile.



  • Hi Divya,

    thanks for your reply,

    when I change the silicon revision to the any option, This project still cannot be compiled.

    Now I use the init_cdode.dxe of ADSP21569 instead of  the init_cdode.dxe of ADSP21565,The compiler will prompt the following information。

    [Information ld0295]: Target processor 'ADSP-21569' of input file '..\..\21565_init\Debug\2156x_Init.dxe' does not match loader target 'ADSP-21565'.

    Our company prohibits uploading files to the internet. Can you help me compile a successful project or dxe file and send it to me。include the init_code.dxe for ADSP21565 and preload.dxe for ADSP21565.

    thank you again.

  • Hi Alvin,
    We have attached the init and preload zip file for ADSP-21565 for your reference.
    As the issue is in the tool CCES IDE V2.9.1, we would recommend you run the code in CCES IDE V2.9.2 to compile your code without any errors.
  • thank you very've done me a great service.