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Category: Software
Product Number: 21569
Software Version: cces2.11.1


I have a problem while using SPORT of 21569,SPORT is configured in TDM-4,16bits,RX mode.Also, the cache is turned off.

I copy the SPORT data in the interrupt function.

The copied data hasn't changed,but the data received changes from frame to frame. see pictures below.

data received :

copied data:

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  • Hi,

    Please refer the attached project which configured as single descriptor and in callback we can see the copied data is same as sport buffer. Please set breakpoint in line 114 and check.
    In List of descriptors, data continuously received in SPORT buffer from DAI pin. Even though you have halted processor, data from ADC fills the SPORT buffer continuously. So, data will vary and mismatch happens.

    Without breakpoint data will copy correctly. Could you please let us know if you are facing any issues with descriptor list.


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