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How to automatically load spi flash firmware to start adsp

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1. The compiled firmware file (xx.ldr) can be downloaded to ADSP through JTAG and run successfully
2. By setting ADSP's BMODE2, BMODE1 pins to 0,1, and boot mode to SPI2 FLASH
3. We switch to use SOC SPI related pins or ADSP SPI2 related pins
4. When UPDATE_SWITCH_SEL is high, it is firmware upgrade mode, SOC can successfully write xx.ldr to spiflash through flashcp command, and no error is reported.
5. When UPDATE_SWITCH_SEL is low, it is Normal mode (default), but it does not seem to work properly. How can I make spi flash firmware automatically load into ADSP and run?

We solve this problem, when BMODE1=1, BMODE2=0, UPDATE_SWITCH_SEL=0, we also need to pull the SYS_HWRSTB pin level of DSP high, so that ADSP will automatically load the firmware from spi flash.
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