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SPI2 Can not work, when using spi slave boot.

Category: Software
Software Version: CCES2.11.1

In my program, the adsp21569 communicates with mcu using spi2. MCU is master, and 21569 is in slave mode.

Using ICE1000, in debug mode, It work well.

but when I use mcu to boot adsp with the format of spi slave boot. spi2 can't work well. it can't receive any thing.

I though It may need more action when using spi2 in spi slave boot mode. But I don't know what to do.

  • Hi,

    Can you please provide more information on below points to assist you better on this.
    1) Ensure that the /TRST signal of the JTAG ICE is connected to board ground. Do not leave this signal floating. Letting this signal float may cause boot failures or other memory access failures.
    2) Can you please confirm that you have selected the correct parameters while generating the .LDR file. Selecting an inappropriate parameter may cause the boot to fail. Please choose the loader option (Boot mode (-b)) as ‘SPI slave’ and Boot format (-f) as "Include".
    3) Are you using external memory?
    4) Verify the "Table 32. Power-Up Reset Timing" and "Table 33. Clock and Reset Timing" diagram which is mentioned in the ADSP-2156x datasheet. And make sure that the processor is properly coming out of RESET.
    5) Make sure that the PLL is configured correctly. Ensure that the ratio selected in combination with the CLKIN frequency does not exceed the core clock to a value greater than specified.
    6) Can you check whether the simple LED application works in SPI slave boot mode. If not, please confirm whether it works in master boot mode.


  • I already slove the problem.  thank you.