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How to correctly transfer SOC data to SPORT on ADSP-21565

Category: Software
Product Number:
Software Version: 2.12.40


The problem scenario is as follows:

1. The external crystal oscillator used by ADSP is 24.576M.

2. ADSP internal PCG0 produces clocks to SPT0_B(receiver) and SPT4_A (transmitter) respectively.

3. ADSP serves as Master to provide DAI0_P4(LRCK 192K) and DAI0_P3(SCLK 12M) to SOC.

4. At present, by measuring the waveform of DAI0_P1 pin, we can confirm that SOC has sent data, and SCLK and LRCK are also OK.

5. However, the buffer corresponding to SPORT0_B is empty after DMA transfer. We did an experiment and directly assigned the data to the buffer corresponding to SPORT4_A in the callback function corresponding to SPORT0_B. The PA could make a sound, indicating that the DMA corresponding to SPORT4_A was successfully transferred

6. By the way, SPT0_B accepts data in FS 48K, TDM8 format, how to configure SPORT and SRU in this case?

The following is a partial schematic of the connection between SOC and ADSP:

The reference code is detailed in the attachment: