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Secure Booting - Secure Boot_Open Part Directory

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADSP-21569
Software Version: CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.10.0


 I have created new project which is linked with secureboot_openpart.c file for ADSP-21569 processor . In secureboot_openpart.c  file  & I made a change in this line      

pBootConfig->pDmaBaseRegister =(ADI_DMA_TypeDef *) pADI_DMA9;

instead of     pBootConfig->pDmaBaseRegister = pADI_MDMA0_DST;               refers for ADSC-SC58x processor , remaining configurations are same.

Then I have loaded the plaintext format (BLp) boot stream (blp_bootstream.bin) into memory of the  ADSP-21569 BOARD . After that secureboot_openpart .c loaded and executed using the emulator. But the applications is not working and get halt in somewhere . while debugging the  secureboot_openpart .c code  after the configureBlp(pBootConfig); calls , the application gets halt . May I know is their any other relevant changes / configurations have to take care to make the application to work in secure boot _open part  in ADSP-21569 processor?? . What is the reason the application gets halt ?

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