Link ports of TigerSHARC Ez-kit evaulation board

We have recently planned to use the Link port on the TigerSHARC.  The idea was to have a Blackfin talk over the internet to access image data -- then this would be transmitted to the TigerSHARC for processing over the link port

We thought we understood for the link port on the evaluation board worked. However, when we got down to using the ports, we found out that we did not. We originally thought that the 8 wires in the RJ 45 connector were 4 data lines, 3 control lines and a ground / shield. However we now find that they are 4 differential pairs.

So the question is -- How are the pins on the Link port connector on the TigerSHARC TS201 evaulation board configured?

Our best guess is one data line + 3 control  -- L3DATA0, L3CLKOUT / IN  L3ACKI / O  L3BCMP0

ADSP-TS201S Ez-Kie Lite Rev 1.1

Any suggestions on using thelink port (hardware and software) would be appreciated