Interrupts are not working (ADSP-2191)


We have a simple C-program from ADI (see att.).

When we load our project to ADSP-2191 from VisualDSP++ and ICE, then application is working Ok.

But when we program on-board flash and booting from flash, then our application is not working correctly.

Interrupts are not calls. Other parts of our application still work ok.


We need help, why Interrupts are not working.


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  • Hi Gunner,

    I would like to apologize for the delay in response to this thread.

    I went through this code and could see that the interrupt priority registers (IPRx) were not being programmed to their reset values. The code assigns the timer interrupt to IRPTL13 (i.e. SIG_13). When the code is ran in the emulator session, the IPRx registers are programmed to their default values and the code works fine. However, while booting, the boot-ROM might reprogram these IPRx registers to different values. Thus, the application code has to explicitly program these IPRx registers.

    I have done the above modification to this code and could see the code work as expected after booting. Please try with the attached code and let me know if you still face any issues.

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    Vishwanathan Shankar

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