Problem with TS101 in emulation mode

Hello all,

I have a problem with ADSP-TS101S DSP (on ADDS-TS101S-EZLITE board): after EMUTRAP instruction is loaded through JTAG, DSP goes into emulation mode (EMUMOD bit in EMUSTAT register is set), but IRFREE bit in EMUSTAT register does not become 1, so that it would be possible to insert instructions through emulator.
I am not using ADI emulator, but a different tool to access DSP through JTAG.
The sequence of JTAG operations performed:
1. DSP comes out of power-on-reset
2. TRST signal is asserted for 1ms, then deasserted
3. EMUCTL JTAG scanchain is selected, EMUCTL register set to value 1 (EMEN bit set)
4. EMUTRAP JTAG instruction is loaded
5. EMUSTAT JTAG scanchain is selected, EMUSTAT value is read. Data that is shifted out of DSP: 0xFFFFFFFD
Under which conditions must IRFREE bit become 1?
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