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ADIS16220 - Problems using DIO2 as greater than acceleration alarm indicator


I purchased the ADIS16220 sensors for a design project which requires using the Event Capture Mode and setting the DIO2 as an acceleration alarm indicator. These are the commands I am sending to the ADIS16220 sensors:

    write_data[0]=0xA034;   //set acceleration trigger point to > 1G

    write_data[1]=0xA809;   //set the system alarm to acceleration alarm
    write_data[2]=0xB61F;   //keep DIO1 as busy indicator and DIO2 as acceleration alarm indicator
    write_data[3]=0x9C58;   //set to event capture mode
    write_data[4]=0xBF08;   //start event capture mode
From  these instructions I want the sensors to operate in Event  Capture Mode and to capture data when the acceleration is triggered by  an acceleration greater than 1 G. I set the DIO2 as an acceleration  alarm indicator, so I can use it as an interrupt to trigger a timer.  The DIO2 is set as active high.
However, I put an  oscilloscope to the DIO2 pin to see if the acceleration alarm gets  tripped but it always remains low. So to confirm, should the DIO2 be low when no data  is being captured, and then go high (3.3 V) once the acceleration  trigger point is tripped and data is captured?
I am unable to get the acceleration alarm indicator working, any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time.

Best Regards,