Need help to understand ADSP-TS20x TigerSHARC Processor Boot Loader Kernel Operation

Hi There:

Still not so clear about the TS203 booting procedure. After setting the pin, the DSP will boot from the corresponding source, EPROM./HOST/LINKS.

In the boot-from-eprom mode, after powering up, the DSP will automatically extract the first 256 words from EPROM for the boot loader and execute it. Then later on, the project .dxe will be copied to internal memory for execution.

In the boot-from-link mode, after powering up, is the DSP waiting for the linkport to send the first 256 words? I believe the other side of the link should handle the transferring the boot loader and the project .dxe. Then how does the other side know when to send out the packet DSP needs?

Thank you very much for any explanation.