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    Hello, I hope someone help me.

1. I want to program flash, AT49BV040. May I use the utility at D:\Program Files\Analog Devices\VisualDSP 4.5\TS\Examples\ADSP-TS201 EZ-Kit Lite\Flash Programmer.

2. I have program it once, but I can't again. Why? Should I erase all before programing it?

3. I want to program S29GL128N, what should I do? I think the uitility can't do it.



  • Hi Xinxizyf,

    If you are using the same flash part as the TS201 EZ-KIT Lite there should be no problem using it with your TS201 target. Indeed you state above that it appears to have worked once. Can you tell us what error(s) you are receiving when trying to program it again?

    Can you also tell me which update of VisualDSP++ 4.5 you are using? e.g. Update 9

    Regarding the S29GL128N, the utility can program pretty much any flash if given an appropriate driver. The driver provided in the TS201 EZ-KIT Lite folder is specific to the AT49BV040 and a TS201 target.

    We would recommend starting with the AT49BV040 example and modifying it to match the intended target flash (starting with the example saves you having to rewrite parts of the API that are flash-part-agnostic). I recommend starting with the data sheet for the AT49BV040 flash part, and comparing it to your intended part - specifically, look at differences in the DevCode and ManCode, number of sectors, size of sectors, where the boot block is (Top or Bottom), and whether there are variable sized parameter blocks that need to be accounted for. The changes required in a driver are actually quite minimal once you understand the difference between the devices, and where those parameters are used/defined within the driver.


  • Hi Xinxizfy,

    So, the problem with the programmer is only intermittent? If you try a few times, does it only fail occasionally, or will it fail until something changes (such as a power cycle of the emulator/hardware, restarting your computer or VisualDSP++, etc).

    We don't recommend using the base release of VisualDSP++ 4.5, simply due to the fact that if you hit any issues that turn out to be bugs, the only recommendation we will likely be able to provide is to upgrade. So, if the behaviour you are seeing now turns out to be a bug in the tools, we would ask you to update if it cannot be reproduced in a later update.

    The latest update - VisualDSP++ 4.5 Update 9 - can be downloaded here. Once downloaded, the .vdu file can be applied via ‘Start’->’Programs’->’Analog Devices’->’VisualDSP 5.0’->’Maintain this installation’->’Apply a downloaded update’. You may also be interested in the ‘Clone this installation’ feature available in ‘Maintain this installation’, which allows you to create a copy of your existing installation in a new directory, so that you can apply the latest update while also preserving your existing installation.

    Regarding a driver for the S29GL128N, it would definitely need modifications due to the differences in layout. In addition, our drivers typically read and validate the Device Code and Manufacture Code read from the Flash Part. This occurs in the GetCodes function, so you would also need to ensure the correct codes are being checked against here.



  • Hi Carig,
    1. My problem is that sometime I program flash, the uitility will run for a long time, while doesn't give any tip. But normally it can program very quickly.
    2. I don't use any update.
    3. Regarding the S29GL128N, I think I must modify the driver, because indirections of the S29GL128N are different from that of  the AT49BV040. 



  • Now it can work, but I don't know whether it can do next time.



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