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ADSP-218x Processor type definition during start-up


Is it possible to define exact processor type (ADSP-2185, ADSP-2186) during processor startup?

For example, I know that ADSP-218x processor family are code compatible, but I don't know exactly what is a processor model used in the equipment. If code remains the same could I recognize processor type (ADSP-2185, ADSP-2186 or anyone else) after powering up the device?

ADSP-2186 is used in existing equipment. New code was written for fixing some bugs. New program got required more than 8k words of memory (as linker reports), so ADSP-2186 was changed to ADSP-2185. Program is downloaded through IDMA. But program starts end executes on both ADSP-2185 and ADSP-2186. So I'm not sure that program will work correctly on ADSP-2186 due to lack of memory. ADSP-2186 passes all memory tests like ADSP-2185.

So, question is how could I recognize exact processor type (ADSP-2185 or ADSP-2186) during startup, disable new version of software downloading on existing equipment (on ADSP-2186) and keep old version there?

If you need additional information please ask me. Thank you in advance.