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MAX78000/MAX78002 Maximum speed of the parallel camera interface

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: MAX78000


I am curious about the AI MCU MAX78000/MAX78002 as it could be a good chip for a low power CNN application in vision. Do I understand the datasheets correctly that the maximum frequency of the Parallel Camera Interface (PCIF) is only 10MHz? Could the peripheral be overclocked up to 26.67MHz? I would like to use the chip with On Semiconductor MT9V034 monochrome CMOS sensor with DCMI interface and resolution of 752x480 at 60FPS, but I am not sure the AI MCU can handle the image data at this pixel frequency. The feather board contains OVM7692 RGB CMOS with resolution of 640x480 at up to 30FPS, but no specifications of the feather board say if the 30FPS can be really achieved at that resolution.

Thanks for your help.

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