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Personal Sound System SDK still available?

I am looking for a really old SDK for The Personal Sound System which consisted of the ADSP-2115, AD1848KP and ECHO ESC614 and later ESC615.

Reference to it can be seen here: 

"The Personal Sound Architecture and Personal Sound System

The Personal Sound Architecture is a PC sound card architecture based upon an Analog Devices DSP and sound Codec. The Personal Sound System, herein referred to as the PSS, is a sound card design created by Echo Speech Corporation. The PSS is based upon the Personal Sound ArchitectureTm with a DSP/ISA bus interface ASIC designed by Echo Speech Corporation and sold and distributed by Analog Devices.

The PSS is the first and only commercially accepted sound card design centered around a programmable DSP."

"Development of Software for the PSS

Sound Blaster emulation and Wavetable Music Synthesis are available today as DSP software for the PSS. Other DSP software-based functions and applications which further differentiate a PSS product will be available soon from Integrators. ADI's PSA Software Development Kit (SDK) is available to key algorithm developers, application developers and Integrators. The SDK provides a software environment for developers to develop software (both DSP and host based) which can be used with a PSS product. The SDK includes a "DSP Shell" which is basically a low overhead device driver which allows the DSP algorithm to communicate to the ESC614 and the AD1848 Codec. It also includes a "DSP Manager" which is host-based system software providing software download, data communications, and resource arbitration "services" between Windows applications/drivers and the PSS. Developers can the use the SDK in conjunction with Intel x86 C compilers for application development and ADI's DSP Development Tools for DSP algorithm software development."