Blackfin BF609 with S29GL128S90FHI010 parallel flash


We developed a card(attachment "File 1.jpg"). we used "CYPRESS S29GL128S90FHI010" instead of "PC28F128P33B" (The production of the "PC28F128P33B" chip has been stopped.).

Now we need to write driver again so we can use CLDP.exe to install the program. we can read and write to the new chip, but we do not know how to make it compatible with CLDP: exe. you can share a relevant manual document with it.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Aug 10, 2018 9:57 AM over 2 years ago


    Please note that the flash drivers we ship with our tools are specific to our EZ-Kit boards. As you are working with a different part you will need to modify the existing driver by referring the below API.

    We provide documentation for the Device Programmer API, which describes the commands the Flash Programmer Drivers require to perform the Flash accesses.

    This documentation is available at help > CrossCoreRegistered Embedded Studio <version>> Integrated Development Environment > Working with Bootable and Non-bootable Files > Device Programmer > Custom Device Drivers

    We are aware of many customers who have successfully modified our flash drivers to suit different flash parts.

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