Choose first DSP - processing guitar signal


I'd like to get started using DSPs. And as I'm a guitarplayer I thought a guitar effect would be a great point to start.

I won't start with an expensive DSP like the TigerSharc (Fractal Audio's Axe FX II) or an ADSP-21469 (Line6 Helix or Fractal's AX8) - tough I like the specs of both of them .
But I want to play around with

  • EQing
  • modulation filters
  • compression
  • reverb
  • delay
  • bandfilters
  • maybe later even a looper (using some external memory)

I need the DSP to be at least 24bit 96kHz.

I've read an ADAU1701 would be a nice and cheap device to get startet. But it lacks of memory, why it's not usable for a reverb. An ADAU1452 shall have enough memory for an reverb but lacks of ADC and DAC. Then some guys told me the ADAU1452 wouldn't be a generalpurpose DSP.

So I wonder which DSP to choose.

For delay/looper I'd like to add external ram later on, when I know what I do. But I'd like my first board to be able the rest of the effects.
Also I'd like it to be a newer device which is not EOL, soon.

  • Thanks for your reply. But I still think the small ADAU-boards are just burning money as I know they don't fit my requirement.

    Whom could I ask if there's SigmaStudio for Blackfin available?
    Or is there even an Analog DSP supported by any free Linux IDDE? That's what I'd realy prefer as Microsoft is unable to use a proper driver management on Windows 10 (have had trouble running my audio interface since 9 month - even Focusrite was unable to solve this issue yet).

    Layouting a PCB and placing parts on it is no issue. I've already designed a wearable and several other boards. I'm soldering TQFP100 by hand and soon I might be able to work with BGA parts

  • Just did another search on the pricing of CCES. Seems there's a free licence included for some EZLITE kits. But it's bonded to your computer's MAC address.
    What about changing your wifi card or changing your whole laptop? Might I be able to refresh the hardware-bonding?
    Just ordered an Thinkpad T430 as test environment....but I have to replace the wifi card, soon, as the one originally included doen not fit my requirements.

    That's what the CCES website says:
    "An EZ-Kit license ships with applicable EZ-Kits. It behaves exactly like the node locked license except it only works with the EZ-Kit and emulator it ships with. It does not support a simulator target. The following EZ-Kits ship with an EZ-Kit license: ADSP-BF706 ADSP-BF707 ADSP-SC573 ADSP-SC584 ADSP-SC589 ADuCM3029."

    ADZS-BF706-EZMINI     63,99€
    ADZS-UCM3029EZLITE    184,56€
    ADZS-BF707-EZLITE    277,30€
    ADZS-SC584-EZBRD    403,43€
    ADZS-SC573-EZLITE    463,66€

    Looks like the BF607 and UMC3029 totally fit my 200€ budget. But even 280€ of the BF707 would be fine. SC584 and SC573 are out of my budget.

    Is there a website to compare this EZ-Kits and their specifications easily?

    Might I be able to use it only while the EZLITE-Kit is connected to my computer or might I be able to work (while I'm on the road) with it even when I don't have the EZLITE-kit with me?
    I.e. programming on my way and when I arrive back at my office I can test it with the ezlite kit?

    I wonder if the BF607, UMC3029, and BF707 are still produced or if their end of life is close.