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R-theta-JA (Junction to ambient thermal resistance) for ADSP-21565BSWZ8

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADSP-21565BSWZ8

Hi Greetings!!

We are using 'ADSP-21565BSWZ8' part in our upcoming design.

We would like to perform thermal analysis and simulation.

Could you please provide 'R-theta-JA (Junction to ambient thermal resistance)' for ADSP-21565BSWZ8 part?

Thank you in advance,


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  • Hi Divya,

    In the Environmental conditions page, R-theta-JA (Junction to ambient thermal resistance) value is not provided. 

    Even if, this methodology cannot predict the performance of the device, to get started we need some inital value of R-theta-JA.

  • Hi Mihir,

    As mentioned in the datasheet under "ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS", The ADSP-2156x processors are rated for performance over the temperature range specified in Operating Conditions. Application system thermal simulation is required for accurate temperature analysis. The thermal simulation must account for all specific 3D system design features, including, but not limited to other heat sources, use of heat sinks, use of thermal interface materials, and the system enclosure details. Thermal models of the package are available from Analog Devices under the Tools and Simulations tab of the product web page. The thermal model(s) are compatible with all major thermal simulation tools.

    The thermal models are available in the web page under "Tools & Simulations", you have to import in to thermal software. The link for the ADSP-21565 "webpage" and "thermal models" is given below.
    Webpage :
    Thermal models :


  • Hi,

    I am also looking for below parameters:

    1. R-theta-JC (Junction to top Case thermal resistance)

    2. R-theta-JB (Junction to Board thermal resistance) / R-theta-JC (bot) (Junction to bottom Case thermal resistance)

    Kindly provide the above mentioned data as early as possible.



  • Hi Mihir,

     Apologies for the delay.

    As mentioned earlier, the use of JEDEC qJA, qJC, or YJT thermal parameters for application system thermal estimates is not recommended as indicated in the JEDEC51 specifications.