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Spice Model for ADAU1450/1/2

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADAU1450
Software Version: NIL


Is there any spice model available for ADAU1450/1/2 ? I was going through spice model list page, here : and it does not have any. I was also looking out for it on a product page, but I could only find CAD files. 

Thank you in advance.


  • Hi .. if not .. spice model for ADAU1701 would also do. 

  • Hello Mayuresh,

    Unfortunately there are no Spice models for either of these. Why do you need them? They are DSPs with digital inputs. The 1701 does have ADCs and DACs but we do not have models for the inputs and outputs. We do have some IBIS models for use o analyze signal integrity. 

    Dave T

  • Hello Dave,

    I am trying my hands on circuit design using Fusion 360. I am following the schema available in ADAU1707's datasheet (self-boot). I want to build my own DSP board, which I can connect with AMPs. But when I prepare the schema in Fusion360, I am unable to check circuits or Fusion360's autoroute does not work as I am not able to add Spice Model. Any work around ?


  • Hi,

    I have been struggling a while with this project. I have completed the entire schematic and generated required files for production of a Eval PCB. Now I am stuck with the power section of the schema, as the manufacturer does not have ADP3336 available. Even on Analog website, it is mentioned that this part should not be used in new design. I was trying to find an alternative and trying my luck with ADP7104. However, I was unable to find the Spice Model for the same which I could use in Fusion 360.

    Other option I stumbled upon is TPS73533 from TI. For which I could find TSpice model and could test the circuit  in TINA software.

    Now my question is, can I simply change the "ADP3336" with ADP7104 keeping rest of the schema AS IS, or I can use any other part e.g TPS73533 and go ahead with the production?

    Attaching both the image files for your reference.

    alternative-power-schema.png and ADP3336-power-schema.png

    Thanks in advance.




  • Update :

    Since it was getting difficult to source the right part and its availability with the PCB manufacturer, I have decided to slightly alter the power section of the ADAU1701 mini eval schema as following :

    1. ADP3336 & related Caps and Resisters will be removed.
    2. Use available LOD circuits on amazon with 5V in & 3.3 out.
    3. Connect 5v to J8 HEADER 10WAY POL. Always use USBi (since this is for evaluation only)
    4. Keeping the Schottky Diode (with switch) and use it if required.
    5. Keeping C15 & C16 (220uF), for write back transistor
    6. Keeping R10 & D3 for power led.

    If someone can validate these changes, it will be very useful.

    Thanks in advance. Attaching images for reference. (new-power-schema.png & ADP3336-power-schema.png)


  • Hello Mayuresh,

    I looked at your newer eval boards for the ADAU1467 which can supply the power for these parts. It is a newer linear regulator but it is still not recommended for new designs. Here is the schematic:

    It is probably best for you to post a question on the power by Linear section of the forum. They should be able to guide you do a good solution based on the capabilities of this old one. The ADP3338.

    Dave T

  • Hello Dave,

    Thank you for the new schema. As you suggested by, I will re-post it in another forum. 

    Thanks once again.