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VDK error with Semaphore

Category: Software
Product Number: Sharc 21479
Software Version: Visual DSP 5.1.2



I have an application running on a sharc 21479.

Very rarely (around once every 25 hours), the application is crashing.

I am actually wondering if the problem could be related to VDK.  

I will try to sum up what I could find out so far.


Wenn the error occured, the Program counter stopped in the function PopUnscheduledRegion although I don’t use this function in my code.

The PC Stack points to 0x132196.




When I look at the linker file, it looks like the PC is pointing to the VDK_ISR_API.



Otherwise the VDK Status looks good:



I also looked at the state history graph.

In my application, I have 3 threads (BluetoothThread, SignalProcessingThread, UIThread) pending on 3 periodical semaphores and running every 10ms.



Normally the thread SignalProcessingThread gets ready and I can then see the event SemaphorePended.


When the error occurs (tick 69.269.002) the SignalProcessingThread gets ready, but I never get the SemaphorePended event. Instead the application stops and I am getting an error within the function PopUnscheduledRegion.



Do you have any idea what could cause this issue? Or what I could do to find out the problem?

Please let me know if you need more information or if something was not clear.




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