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RaiseTriggerMaster method for DMA List descriptors

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Product Number: ADSP-21569
Software Version: Cross Core Embedded Studio version

I am using DMA to copy memory back and forth from L1 and SDRAM.  I used the adi_mdma_Copy1DArray to perform the DMA but when I have to update the addresses in the descriptor the time to process adi_mdma_Copy1DArray is excessive.  This is the time to setup adi_mdma_Copy1DArray not the time to DMA the memory.  I was wondering if using the adi_mdma_CopyList method would eliminate the time to setup the DMA.  

Can the adi_tru_RaiseTriggerMaster method be configured to reset and enabled after each individual DMA descriptor in a list or does it have to process the entire list?

I would like to set up a circular descriptor list that issues one descriptor per cycle of a particular function.   I need the function to complete before processing the next descriptor in the list.  

Is this possible?