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AD5941 min Vpp, when output sine wave.

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD5941

AD5941 can output sine wave, the min vpp can set low to 10mV or not?

If can set to 10mV, how to set the register? 


  • Hi,

    As per the datasheet, page 43, the DAC that generates the sine waveform is 12-bit. 

    The equation that governs the output sine wave is:

    This give a LSB of less than 1mVpp, meaning 10mVpp is doable.

    To do that in the codes, as an example, you can search for DacVoltPP parameter in "AD5940_BIA" example:

    Or if you are using your custom code, you can program the registers, whose names mentioned in the datasheet.

    Hope this helps!