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Big delay (ext. memory) for analog to analog DSP


I have a design that is working perfectly for processing audio, with an ADAU1701, from analog audio to analog audio. Now I need to add a big delay block (at least 30 seconds), and I am using both audio channels at 48khz sample rate with 16bit data samples, so I need at least 6MiB of memory for the circular buffer.

As far as I know, this cannot be done with the ADAU1701, so I am exploring different options (prior to search for other manufacturers, because I would love to mantain my SigmaStudio audio processing schema):

1. Use the ADAU1701 for ADC+digital DSP, output the data as digital data to an external uC and this uC perform the task of circular buffering the data with an external memory, then output the corresponding data to an audio DAC

2. Use an audio ADC + ADAU145x + audio DAC, and add a couple of 4MiB memories (one per channel) to the ADAU145x because this chip does have the external delay function

I would like to know if you can propose any other alternative, because I cannot find any ADAU145x chips nowadays and I rather prefer not to add another uC and program to the whole system complexity.

Many thanks in advance.

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