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ADAU 1761 - Write data


I have some doubts if it's possible to stop writing data to ADAU 1761 without sending the stop bit so we can continue to write with new data.

I'm using I2C, but I'm not sure how the SDA and SCL should be when we are not transferring, but don't want to stop the writing just yet.

I have to write more or less 3000 bytes to an address in the program data, but I can't write everything at once because I don't have enough RAM in my microprocessor, so I want to write by chunks, and for that I need to not stop the transfer, get the next data and continue to write to the I2C line, but there's no information about that in the data sheet, so I'm not sure if it's possible, and if it is, how the SDA and SCL should look like while it's waiting for the next data to arrive.

Kind regards.