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Allocating memory 21569_CORE0_SHARC0 L1 mem_block1_bw


I am trying to allocate memory in L1 mem_block1_bw.  The LDF utility allocates memory from mem_block0_bw  when I create a heap on L1.  My memory map shows that there is available L1 memory in block1.  How do I access it?

Memory map of link project 21569_CORE0_SHARC0

Memory Start address End address Type Qualifier Width Used words Unused words
mem_iv_code 0x90000 0x900a7 PM RAM 0x30 0x80 0x28
mem_block0_bw 0x2403f0 0x26ffff BW RAM 0x8 0x2fc10 0x0
mem_block1_bw 0x2c0000 0x2ebfff BW RAM 0x8 0x1844 0x2a7bc
mem_block2_bw 0x300000 0x31bfff BW RAM 0x8 0x0 0x1c000
mem_block3_bw 0x380000 0x39bfff BW RAM 0x8 0x1c000 0x0
mem_L2_bw 0x20000000 0x200f9fff BW RAM 0x8 0xf9fe8 0x18
mem_L2UC_bw 0x200fa000 0x200fdfff BW RAM 0x8 0x0 0x4000
mem_L2BC_bw 0x200fe000 0x200fffff BW RAM 0x8 0x0 0x2000



  • Specifically looking for method to dynamically allocate memory in 


    I can declare a section using the following:

    #pragma section("seg_l1_block1")

    But this does not allow for dynamically allocating memory structures.

    Is there a method to define a heap for seg_I1_block1 and use heap_malloc(heap number, ....);?

  • Hi Steve,

    As per your requirement, we have modified the app.ldf file for allocating the heap to l1-mem_block1_bw. Please find the attached "app.ldf" file for your reference.

    And refer to the screenshot for the heap allocation updated in-memory map file.

    Also please note that any hand-edits you make within the LDF file in a Source Window should be made within the generated $VDSG sections, to preserve them if/when the LDF is automatically regenerated by the tools.

    Below is an example:

    /*$VDSG<insert-......> */
    /* Text inserted between these $VDSG comments will be preserved */

    Nishanthi. V