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sharc 21489 boot from spi slave in CCES

Hi .

I am using sharc 21489 long time , before I always use VDSP++ on developmenting. 

Now I move to CCES, all things is working fine but spi slave boot. 

The kenel 489_spi is the same with VDSP ,I only do compile that!

So I don't know what's happens.  I am sure in VDSP++ the all sequency is right .

 it 's the same hardware,  why VDSP++ is ok ,CCES can not !

In CCES, My application program config is following.

I will attach my kernel 489_spi . it's the same with my VDSP kernel.489_spi.rar

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  • The current situation is that I use a simple blink LED program, and I can start it by removing ifndef DEBUG in the kernel.
    //#ifdef DEBUG
    // kdebug: jump (pc,0); // do not completely execute kernel - allows ICE to break in.

    But my problem now is that when my actual program is a little large(our project code is a bit much), and I enable SDRAM, CCES will automatically map part of the seg_swco segment to SDRAM, so that it cannot be started. If it is not mapped to SDRAM, it will be normal to start up.  

    dxe_sdram_sw_code SW
    FILL(0x1) /* fill in gaps in the memory with NOPs */
    INPUT_SECTIONS( $OBJS_LIBS(seg_ext_code seg_swco seg_pmco) )
    } > mem_sdram_swco

    How to modify the kernel?

  • I looked up for a few days and couldn't find the problem, it's a little urgent. When I disable SDRAM, it will prompt dxe_block0_sw_code_prio3 overflow, and then I delete a part of my code to start normally. Then I enable SDRAM to restore my code and it compiles and passes, but fails to start. Attached are several files generated by the compilation, I hope you can help me take a look.


  • Hi,

    If your application uses SDRAM (for data, code or both), you must initialise the SDRAM before loading the application in the SDRAM.
    This can be done by using kernel.

    Please make sure are you using default kernel in your project. please refer the below screenshot.
    Can you please confirm simple LED application is working fine using SDRAM?

    Anand Selvaraj