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21593 - SPI problems


is the SPI functionality of ADSP-21593 tested? ... especially the DMA mode? There is nowhere written for the start address of the accompanied DMA channels that L1 RAM can not be used. We look for an eplanation and have the caching in our suspect. Also in the anomaly list, nothing is written. Only for 2158x anomaly list at ID 20000010 there is the following written: But we can not look at all anomaly lists of all other processor, when we are working with 21593.

In the hardware manual nothing can be found. Using heap memory (L2 or L3) the DMA - SPI is working, but not reliable. Occassional, the DMA stops working, we do not have any glue why ???? in BF707 the things were running very reliable and this 24/7 and comparing BF707 SPI-manual with the one of 21593, they are nearly identical.

We need here urgent help !!!!!! 

best tb