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calloc issue in ADSP-21569


When I use  load data from flash and then use "calloc" it works okay. But when I use "calloc" and then load data from flash the next calloc after this doesn't work
eg; A) load  --> calloc(1) --> calloc(2) --->calloc (3)---> load --->calloc(4)        ------ 1,2,3 works okay but 4 does not work (stuck at 4)
      B) load ----> calloc(1) ---> load ---> calloc(2) --->calloc (3) ----> calloc(4)  ------ 1 works okay, but 2 does not work (stuck at 2)
      C) calloc(1) --> calloc(2) --->calloc (3)---> load --->calloc(4)                       -------   1,2,3 works okay but 4 does not work (stuck at 4)
I know it is a weird issue, but I facing a lot of problem from it, Can you help me regarding this?
calloc is used to allocate memory in L2.
I have also tried to increase heap memory space in the LDF file. But still there is no allocation and the program hangs while next calloc is called.
And please let me know if more information is required.
Thank You.
  • Hello Rakshith,

    Apologies for delay in response.

    Could you please share us the below details, which will be helpful for us to assist you further:

    1.Please let us know whether you are facing issue while debugging or your issue happens in booting time.

    2.Also please share us more details on, how do you load data from flash in your application and let us know whether you have connected in DND mode.

    3.Could you please share us example project along with steps to simulate your issue here.

    4.Please confirm whether you are using ADSP-21569 Ez-kit or custom board

    Awaiting for your reply.