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SC589 reports an error when running adi_rom_boot()


  Because I need to update my application code with USB function, so I add adi_rom_boot() function in USB Vendor Demo for ADSP-SC589 project, boot the application code I put in spi2 flash (address 0x100000), but run adi_rom_boot( ), the error shown in the figure below will be reported.

According to the project files and instructions provided by EE384, adi_rom_Boot() should run in L2_SRAM, obviously my adi_rom_Boot() runs in external DDR. As shown below

I reduced the code size and tried to make the code run in L2_SRAM by linking the adsp-sc589.ld file provided by EE384 in the settings. The compilation is passed, but the "Failed to connect to target" error is displayed when uploading the program using JTAG.

This problem has been bothering me for a few days, what should I do?