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Complex multiply operation in Blackfin and Sharc DSP?

Hi, ADI guys,
We want to choose a proper DSP for IoT communication。The most frequently used operation is Complex multiply operation。That means:

Z1 = a + bi, Z2 = c + di
Z1Z1 = (ac-bd) + (ad + bc)i

We do this Complex multiply operation about 100 Million times every second. So we eagerly want to find a DSP which is good at complex multiply operation.

Now, we have to chips under consideration:
1. ADSP-BF707
2. ADSP-21569

And we want to compare their abilities at Complex multiply operation.

ADSP-BF707 has an instruction callded Mac32Cmplx. It’s perfectly fits our requirments. And we want to know more about the instruction Mac32Cmplx:
1. How many cycles it consumes to do a Complex multiply operation?
2. How to Call it in C language?

ADSP-21569 has higher operation frequence up to 1GHz. It seems that it has no Complex multiply instruction, but it has lib funtions for us to choose. So we want to know:
1. How many cycles it consumes to do a Complex multiply operation on ADSP-21569?

Maybe there are some informations we do not know about ADI DSP, so we need your suggestions badly, Thanks very much.

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